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Friday, February 4, 2011

What legacy are we passing on to our children?

This is an excerpt from Sacred Parenting, written by Gary Thomas

     Our search for significance can become really pathetic, like two kids fighting over a broken toy.  Now that his season home run record has been broken, how long will people remember Roger Maris?  Who was the senior vice president of General Motors in 1975?  In 1983?  Who were the two senators from Virginia in 1910?  Who pastored the largest church in America in1935?  What are the names of those who climbed Mount Everest in 1991?  Who was the top fashion designer in 1954?
     Few of us could answer more than one or two of these questions, and yet these sorts of people are the ones who most often earn profiles in USA Today and the most popular magazines and on television programs.  Children teach us the profound and simple message that what popular society values most grows irrelevant and even comical when confronted by the inexorable weight of history.  What often gets our least attention - a heritage of faith - is the only thing we actually leave behind.

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