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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Save money, avoid stress anxiety in December

So I have unlocked the secret of how to save money and avoid stress and anxiety during the holiday season.  I can only recommend this strategic plan if you have that gene in your DNA (which my husband and I both possess) that allows you to go through life with the attitude, "If it doesn't get done, chances are no one will notice.  If I don't answer that call, they'll call back if it's important.  If I miss that event, meeting, party, etc. life will go on.  I will delete those 22,000 messages in my inbox later."  I know some of you are breaking out into hives right this instant.

Here's the secret:  Don't even think about shopping online or in stores until December 22nd!!!  Seriously, that is the way we've rolled this year.  Partly because I had back surgery this fall, and that just set me way off if I had one.  We've also been cursed with the flu.  No, we haven't had the flu shot.   Of all the things that I can deal with "putting off",  this will not be one of them EVER AGAIN!!!

When your kids are young, their list changes by the day!  In years past, here are a few list changes that took place within days of Christmas: a Top Gun military fighter pilot suit, a snuggie (before snuggies were cool), and solar panels.  Yes, solar panels.

So get your flu shot in November.  In December, sit back, grab a cocktail as you decorate your house, if you feel up to it, go to those parties you remember you got invited to, and enjoy almost the entire month without breaking a sweat...until the last few days!

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